FASCO Profile

Fasco Co., Ltd. is the leading automation control company founded on April, 2003 by veteran engineers who have many experiences and performances in the automation control field.

We have the best technique about DCS/PLC control systems, inverters and other instruments for the plant industries such as steel work, water treatment, power generation, petrochemical, fuel supply, resource recycling and new/renewable energy.
Specifically our company has made POSCO, Hyundai Steel adapt relevant technologies about iron-making, steel-making, and energy treatment process into the domestic industrial fields. In addition, we has built efficient Control & Monitoring system such as SCADA, UCC, etc and has maintained those system replacing the old instrumentation systems, rationalizing facilities for improved customer’s performances in the fields of fire monitoring of international airports, cement treatment, incineration, hydrogen fuel cell generation.
Based on these engineering know-hows, Fasco Co., Ltd. consistently has been pursuing customer’s satisfaction and development of relevant automation fields