CEO Message

FASCO will continue to strive and develop with our mission that customer satisfaction will influence the future of the company.

Welcome to FASCO.
FASCO was founded in April 2003 by professional engineers who have accumulated experience and skill from the early stage of the domestic automatic control industry. FASCO is specialized in PLANT automatic control solution which has been pursuing only one way to this day.

Since its foundation, FASCO has accumulated the experience and achievements in various industrial fields such as steel, power generation, water treatment, petrochemical, oil refineries, cement, renewable energy field and so on. Based on these technologies, FASCO will cultivate new talents and become a company that plays a role in industrial development.

FASCO's growth has been thanks to our customer's faith and encouragement. Therefore, FASCO will try harder to be a company that responds to customer satisfaction.
Based on our customers' trust, FASCO has successfully carried out various projects overseas in China, Southeast Asia, Mongolia, Brazil, Chile and Saudi Arabia. In the Future, FASCO will continue to expand our business overseas.

All employees of FASCO always think in standpoint of customers and will become the best PLANT automatic control solution company that develops day by day.

Thank you.

CEO Byun Jun-Seok / Lee Jae-il