Scale remove

Scale remover introduction

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The AEDS - 1000 scale removal device is an appliance that removes, disconnects, and discharges the scale automatically by electrolytic and extremely switched-on without physical or chemical processing. After connecting power to power (220 V), you can connect it to cooling towers and Evacons, etc. for easy installation and operation without disruption of the production facility.

Model-specific images and features

  • Automatic Descaler (AEDS-1000)
    Automatic Descaler (AEDS-1000)
    • Better heat exchange by eliminating the scale (to save energy and increase productivity)
    • Plug & Play(no disruption to production facilities), automatic operation
    • No physical or chemical customs operations required
      • Cut costs and increase uptime
      • Extend the life of the facility by preventing wear and corrosion of the facility
      • Prevention of environmental pollution
    • Control the production of microorganisms, moss and algae due to sterilizing power