Delivery performance

2016 ~ Now
년도별 납품실적의 대한 정보를 제공
E1 DCS maintenance service 2018.03 Micrex-AX
LG CEMICAL ABS ) ABS1 DCS MPU A3 installation 2017.11 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Improved control of waste acid emulsification process Flow meter installation 2017.11 Micrex-AX
LG MMA Supplementary material Weighing scales DCS work 2017.04 Micrex-AX
E1 DCS maintenance service 2017.03 Micrex-AX
SUNWOO Sulfuric acid 2 plant HRS heat recovery unit DCS remodeling 2017.03 Micrex-AX
LG MMA DCS Grade addition and modification work 2016.12 Micrex-AX
POSCO E&C China Lotte Chemical C-4 General Instrument ( CNY 1,064,103 ) 2016.10 Siemens-S7
POSCO E&C China Lotte Chemical C-4 PLC system ( CNY 440,000 ) 2016.09 Siemens-S7
LG MMA Regular TA related, DCS Point / Program work 2016.09 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Expansion of waste acid plant 2016.08 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER PSA 7,8 & Network separation 2016.08 Micrex-AX
LG CEMICAL E-5 II DRYER DCS check 2016.08 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER L-SO3 DCS modification 2016.07 Micrex-AX
LG MMA BF-1301A / B Safety related DCS work 2016.04 Micrex-AX
E1 DCS maintenance service 2016.03 Micrex-AX
2011 ~ 2015
년도별 납품실적의 대한 정보를 제공
LS-NIKKO COPPER PSA 6 plant & L-SO3 5 plant established 2015.09 Micrex-AX
LG MMA PMMA1 Factory Operation Rationalization (Tank Installation) DCS Operation 2015.07 Micrex-AX
LG CNS Construction of GateWay for Yeosu PVC II-Dry Fuji DCS 2015.04 Micrex-AX
LG CEMICAL PVC E-5 MSP-2/3 Dry DCS ADS Normalization Operation 2015.04 Micrex-AX
E1 DCS maintenance service 2015.03 Micrex-AX
LG MMA Modification of Ex-C Feeding System DCS Program 2014.11 Micrex-AX
E1 Workstation Computer 2014.10 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Established PSA5 factory 2014.09 Micrex-AX
LG CEMICAL K-7 DCS 104 MPU Aging replacement 2014.08 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Changed the sulfuric acid 2 plant 2014.08 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Desulfurization 1 WET ESP Lower SCRUBBER Installation 2014.06 Micrex-AX
E1 DCS maintenance service 2014.03 Micrex-AX
JEONGSHIN CONSTRUCTION Saudi _jetty control system 2014.02 Siemens-S7
LG MMA WM Cleaning System Valve Add Operation 2013.12 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Sulfuric acid 2 smelting DAMPER DCS remodeling (petrification work) 2013.12 Micrex-AX
DCS Point Add & Program Revision 2013.12 Micrex-AX
E1 workstation computer 2013.11 Micrex-AX
Siemens DAELIM SADARA PANEL 2013.11 Siemens-S7
LG CEMICAL MSP-2 Dry DCS AOS Up Grade Operation 2013.10 Micrex-AX
YOO CHANG SYSTEM Additional sulfuric acid addition MPU SELF 2013.09 Micrex-AX
LG MMA PMMA 1 plant DCS maintenance work unit contract 2013.07 Micrex-AX
LG CEMICAL S / T K-7 DCS 103 STN MPU Aging Replacement 2013.03 Micrex-AX
E1 DCS maintenance service 2013.03 Micrex-AX
LG MMA PN-1301/1305 improvement related DCS work 2012.10 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER L-S03 / 4 Factory DCS monitoring configuration improvements 2012.09 Micrex-AX
LG CEMICAL E-5 MSP III 103 Station MPU Improvement Complement 2012.09 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Replacement of sulfuric acid factory AOS DESK 2012.08 Micrex-AX
GS E&C DCS ( YP-1 ) 2012.08 Micrex-AX
LG CNS LG Chemical Yeosu PVC K7 Fuji G / W improvement 2012.08 Micrex-AX
E1 DCS maintenance service 2012.06 Micrex-AX
LG CEMICAL ABS1 Poly C / R expansion in IOS installation work 2012.06 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER PSA4, SO3 extension plant system 2012.01 Micrex-AX
LG CEMICAL ABS1, A4 MPU Upgrade construction 2011.12 Micrex-AX
LG CEMICAL EPS high thermal PLC feeder system integration 2011.08 Micrex-AX
LG CNS ABS GATEWAY 2011.05 Micrex-AX
E1 DCS maintenance service 2011.03 Micrex-AX
2008 ~ 2010
년도별 납품실적의 대한 정보를 제공
LG MMA DCS OVER HAUL operation 2010.12 Micrex-AX
LG MMA AMS TK related DCS PROGRAM operation 2010.12 Micrex-AX
KYUNGIL ENGINEERING Control System 2010.10 Micrex-AX
GS E&C Yeocheon LG PMMA Factory 2010.10 Micrex-AX
NAM SUNG ENGINEERING Co., Ltd Hansol Home Tech RPF Automatic Control 2010.08 Micrex-AX
LG CEMICAL Construction of DCS GL Line System 2010.07 Micrex-AX
E1 DCS expansion 2010.06 Micrex-AX
ILJIN ENERGY SO2 BLOWER DCS Additional Improvements 2009.06 Micrex-AX
SUNWOO LS-Nikko Electrolyte Filter S / W 2010.07 Micrex-AX
LG CNS Supply PMMA Gateway 2010.06 Micrex-AX
Chang Woon Co, Ltd / ULSAN S-OIL STEAM LINE installation work 2010.04 Micrex-AX