Steelwork introduction

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There are many process required to make iron ore to steel, but it is divided into three stages: iron making, steel making, and rolling. The Process of making iron is made by iron making → steel making → rolling process. Considering the production cost, such as improving production efficiency, saving shipping cost, and improving thermal efficiency, the facilities necessary for these three stages are placed economically and reasonably in the same place, this is called the "integrated steel mill".
There processes(iron making, steel making and rolling) are subdivided into raw materials, COKES, lime calcination, sintering, blast furnace, steel making, continuous casting, hot rolling, plate and cold rolling. In addition to the steel main process, each process has various utility processing processes such as environment, water treatment, and gas.
FASCO provides control solutions for the main process and utility process of the above-mentioned the integrated steel mill. In particular, FASCO has installed many level 2 control systems as process computers as well as Level 1 control systems such as PLC and DCS at home and abroad. Based on this abundant experience, FASCO has successfully performed numerous projects and has been recognized by our customers for their technology.