Delivery performance

2016 ~ Now
년도별 납품실적의 대한 정보를 제공
POSCO ICT Remodeling service of PLC S / W for heating furnace 2018.03
HYUNDAI STEEL Modification of RH Lifting Cylinder control program for special steel 2018.02 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Pohang) H-section heating furnace HMI remodeling service 1 meal 2018.01
KANA Korea Steel Changwon Factory Correction control equipment 13PLC replacement business 2017.12
yeomyeong TECH Pohang) SNG system replacement (MICREX-AX 2017.11
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY HYUNDAI STEEL Special steel-making department Subsidiary hopper Vibrator Gate installation 2017.11 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Pohang Steel 2 (1,2,3 converter / KR 4 converter) Acquire DATA 2017.10 Micrex-NX
POSCO E&C Gwangyang 2EGL PM TANK related SW 2017.09
HYUNDAI STEEL PGL MICREX-F PLC New Corporation 2017.09
POSCO ICT 2 Remodeling of pre-treatment dust collector control system for steel making line 2017.08 Micrex-NX
POSCO ICT Gwangyang Works 1 Blower starting device control system remodeling service 2017.08
POSCO ICT 3 Remodeling of steel making ladle residue recycling PLC 2017.08 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Gwangyang Steel Mill 2 Steelmaking Furnace Dust Collector Aging Control Device PLC S / W Service 2017.08 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Gwangyang Steel Mill 2 Steelmaking Furnace Collector Control Device Purchase general control panel 2017.08 Siemens-S7
DAEDONG 3 steel making KR re-charging equipment improvement 2017.07 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Exposure of stocks and stocks in progress 2017.07 Siemens-S7
KISUNG ENGINEERING Steel making plant Raw material handling stock system 2017.07 Micrex-NX
POSCO 4 sintering Improvement of flue gas circulation facility 2017.06
SYSTEM CONTROL 4 sintering EP room backfill capacity increase PLC reconfiguration 2017.04
MGI Corporation Limited SUNGSHIN CEMENT Installing Gamma Ray 2017.04
DALSEONG Yecheon General Pier Storage and transportation facility construction 2017.04
DOO Young 2 steelmaking 1KR Remodeling impeller improvement system 2017.03 Micrex-NX
DALSEONG Pohang) 3 Improvement replacement of sintering device 2017.02
POSCO ICT Pohang) 3 Sintering CFW Intermediate replacement _DCS S / W remodeling 2017.02
Jeong Woo E&C Hyundai Steel's Suncheon Cold Rolling Mill 3CGL SPM Local Desk 2017.02
POSCO ICT Pohang) SG diffusion 2 remodeled refinement control system remodeling purchase 2017.01 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT 1 hot rolling Development of DCS replacement S/W for heating furnace 2016.12
Donghae Steeltek Special steel wire feeder PLC interface 2016.12 Siemens-S7
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY Hyundai Steel's Suncheon Cold Rolling Mill Supplied 3CGL SPM Automation System 2016.11
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY Hyundai Steel's Suncheon Cold Rolling Mill Supplied 3CGL main after-treatment automation system 2016.11
TOPKOREA 2 Blast furnace 8MB Remodeling 2016.11
POSCO ICT Pohang) Replacement of KR control system Purchase of NX-System 2016.11 Micrex-NX
POSCO ICT Indonesia Blowing SFC Additional System Remodeling 2016.11
eNtoB Pohang 3 sintering Electrical Maintenance Material System 1 replacement of materials 2016.11
POSCO E&C Gwangyang) Lime calcination Establishment of PCI blowing facility DCS & Electrical Equipment 2016.11
BUSIN POWER HYUNDAI STEEL specialwork PLC addition 2016.10 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT K) 7CGL new Utility PLC System Hardware remodeling service 2016.10
POSCO ICT Gwangyang 1 steel mill Rationalization of power control equipment Inverter panel installation 2016.09
POSCO ICT Pohang Calcination of lime LIME Factory System Replacement 2016.09
POSCO CHEMTECH Gwangyang) 1 Calcination of lime Product dispatch Improved PLC Program Software 2016.09
POSCO E&C Lime plant Install pulverized coal injection facility DCS 2016.09
POSCO ICT Converter PLC professional creation and remodeling services 2016.08 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT 2 steelmaking Dust Collector Power saving device 2016.08 Siemens-S7
POSCO ENG POSCO Gwangyang Chemtech DCS work Supplied 7CGL Utility Gas System HMI System 2016.08
POSCO ICT Pohang Purchase FINEX2 Gimbal PLC PANEL and SW 2016.08
POSCO ICT Pohang) Power Saving Step 7 DCS Modification 2016.07
POSCO PLANTEC Pohang) 3 sintering rationalization DCS remodeling of raw material facilities 2016.07
yeomyeong TECH SNG DCS A/S 2016.06
HYUNDAI AUTOEVER HYUNDAI STEEL Incheon 70 ton electric furnace PLC UPGRADE replacement construction 2016.05 Melsec
POSCO ICT Pohang) 3 sintering rationalization 2016.05
POSCO ICT Pohang) 2 Steelmaking 3 converter DCS System and S / W Modification Service 2016.05 Micrex-NX
SAMSHIN SYSTEM 2 steelmaking KR Reduced Gas Dispersion Device DCS Modification 2016.04 Micrex-NX
POSCO ICT 1,2 sintering Clean facility DCS remodeling 2016.04
POSCO ICT STS BAL Facility improvement 2016.04
POSCO ICT Gwangyang 4 Cold-rolling Utility Control System 2016.03
POSCO Gwangyang) 5th preliminary processing DCS system Outsourced repair 2016.03 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Gwangyang) 7CGL new Utility PLC System SW development 2016.02
HIPOS Gwangyang) Purchased 7CGL new utility PLC System Hardware 2016.02
POSCO ICT Gwangyang) Blower Operation room Purchase of integrated control system 2016.02
POSCO E&C Lime plant Install pulverized coal injection facility DCS 2016.02
BTS POSCO LNG Static pressure equipment PANEL 2016.02 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT 3 Continuous casting Power saving R I/O Panel 2016.01 Siemens-S7
TAIIN SYSTEM 2 steelmaking Analyzer installation system remodeling 2016.01
20011 ~ 2015
년도별 납품실적의 대한 정보를 제공
POSCO ICT Pohang) 2 blast furnace Blowing #8MB Purchase DCS System 2015.12
eNtoB 2 steelmaking Package equipment replacement 2015.11 Micrex-NX
POSCO ICT Pohang) 2 Purchase PCB repair PLC hardware 2015.11
POSCO ICT Gwangyang) THICK PLATE CASTING PLANT smart factory construction PJT data collection 2015.10 Siemens-S7
JP Steel Ha Tin Steel Works, Vietnam SERVER SPARE PART 2015.10
JP Steel Ha Tin Steel Works, Vietnam MCC SPARE PART 2015.10
HYUNDAI AUTOEVER HS-4 converter molten steel spill repair work 2015.10 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT 2 steelmaking Power saving device 2015.10 Micrex-NX
TAIIN SYSTEM 2 steelmaking Power saving device 2015.09 Micrex-NX
JP Steel CABLE REEL (Spare Part) 2015.09
POSCO PLANTEC 4 sintering PELLET PLANT Modification of expansion system 2015.09
POSCO ICT Gwangyang) 3 blowing Purchase Starter DCS System 2015.09
EVA KOREA SYSTEM MICREX-AX CTL Programming remodeling 2015.08
POSCO ICT Pohang) 3 Improvement of Coke 5A PROVEN control system 2015.08
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY HYUNDAI STEEL #5 Hot Skin Pass Mill Modification and commissioning of construction program 2015.08
POSCO ICT Pohang) PICO-III large application Purchase PLC Hardware 2015.08
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY HYUNDAI STEEL 1CGL DFF Furnace pressure monitoring system 2015.08
POSCO ICT Blowing 8M/B SFC Installation System Remodeling 2015.07
POSCO ICT Pohang Works Power Saving 2nd ( 2steelmaking) 2015.07 Micrex-NX
POSCO ICT Pohang) 1 Hot rolling Purchase replacement DCS system 2015.07
NAM YANG E&S Gwangyang) 2 Calcination of lime Simulation Kit 2015.06
Y-TECH HYUNDAI STEEL blast furnace control equipment 2015.06
POSCO blast furnace Electric blower (8M/B) New business Main Motor Purchase 2015.06
POSCO PLANTEC 3,4 Sintering Clean sulfuric acid production equipment 2015.06
SAMSHIN 2 steelmaking 1kr N2 & LNG Raw material division input 2015.06 Micrex-NX
Sungshincement SUNGSHIN CEMENT Mixed shipment facility 2015.05
KYUNGIL POWER 2 sintering BC40 system remodeling 2015.05
POSCO ICT Brazil CSP Change the blowing phore 2015.04
NAM YANG E&S 2 Calcination of lime system 2015.04
POSCO ICT Gwangyang) Manganese steel plate steelmaking Purchase EIC Hardware 2015.04 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Plasma pilot PLC SYSTEM 2015.04 Siemens-S7
SPCO Ha Tin Steel Works, Vietnam Steel mill SV 2015.04
POSCO ICT Gwangyang) Purchase SNG Oxygen DCS System (For UCC I/F) 2015.03
POSCO PLANTEC 2 steelmaking KR Improved desulfurization device 2015.03 Micrex-NX
POSCO ICT Pohang) 3 Steelmaking Construction of converter automation( Alloy iron automation) 2015.03 Siemens-S7
E&T KOREA E-SCRAP crushing plant I/F system 2015.03
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY HYUNDAI STEEL Special Steel Steel Main Facility Automation & Control System 2015.03 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT 2 Add PLC H/W for hot plate calibrator 2015.02
POSCO ICT 2 Plate heat treatment calibrator PLC H/W 2015.02
POSCO 3 Remodeling of steel mill converter automation system 2015.01 Siemens-S7
SPCO Dearator Local Caontrol Panel 2015.01
TOPKOREA Pohang) 3 Sintering W-EP system remodeling 2015.01
POSCO ICT Brazil CSP Raw Material Control System Additional Contract 2015.01
POSCO ICT Gwangyang 4 cold rolling Utility DCS Syatem 2014.12
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY C#3 New Port Scarping Facility 2014.12
POSCO 1 steelmaking Converter HMI supplement work 2014.12 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Pohang) Blower DATA BANKING SYSTEM etc. 2014.11
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY Hyundai Steel 3 Steel PANEL 2014.11
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY Established continuous casting lighting panel 2014.11
eNtoB Replace electric blowing keyboard 2014.11
eNtoB 3,4 Sintering Clean MPU old replacement 2014.10
POSCO 5 steps to save power (1 sintering) DCS system remodeling 2014.10 Micrex-AX
ETSYSTEMS 3 Steelmaking Additional improvement of sub-material input 2014.10 Siemens-S7
U-TEK ENG. Pohang) 7MB new I / F panel 2014.10
KYUNGIL POWER 2 steelmaking Air com 'RY retrofit service 2014.10 Micrex-NX
KYUNGIL POWER 2 steelmaking Air com 'Additional system remodeling 2014.09 Micrex-NX
MGI SUNGSHIN CEMENT Danyang 2 Factory FUJI SVR Up-Grade 2014.09
SANGWON ENGINEERING 2 steelmaking 1convertor Replacement of old equipment 2014.08 Micrex-NX
POSCO STS 3 Steelmaking AOD Weighing Controller Outsourced Repair 2014.08 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT 3,4 Sintering Nox abatement device 2014.08
TOPKOREA 2 sintering Cooler Dust Collector DCS System 2014.08
TOPKOREA 2 sintering Environment Room EP House Hanging DCS Remodeling 2014.08
POSCO Steelmaking Alloy iron import error system remodeling (Carbon 1,3 steelmaking) 2014.08 Siemens-S7
POSCO STS Steelmaking Alloy iron import error system remodeling (STS 1 steelmaking) 2014.08 Siemens-S7
FASTECH 3,4 Sintering Clean MPU Upgrade add 2014.08
FASTECH 3,4Sintering Clean MPU Upgrade 2014.07
POSCO ICT Brazil CSP raw material simulation S / W development 1 formula 2014.07
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY HYUNDAI STEEL Establishment of special control system 2014.07 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Simulation service for domestic training for Brazil 2014.07 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT HYUNDAI STEEL LF Replacing the control system 2014.06 Siemens-S7
POSCO PLANTEC 1 hot rolling LNG Monitoring AI Module and others 2014.06
POSCO ICT Brazil blowing training 2014.06
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY HYUNDAI STEEL Special steel mill Main facilities Anti-magnetic EAF / LF control system 2014.06 Siemens-S7
YONG WOON HEAVY INDUSTRY HYUNDAI STEEL 3 Modification of sintering control system 2014.06
POSCO ICT Indonesia steelmaking Add S / V 2014.06 Siemens-S7
POSCO 1,2 Sintering Modification of RDI PLC SYSTEM 2014.06
HYUNDAI AUTOEVER HYUNDAI STEEL Incheon 80 ton electric furnace PLC UPGRADE replacement construction 2014.06 Melsec
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY HYUNDAI STEEL Special Steelworks Level 1 & 2 Integrated Development System 2014.05 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT 7M/B blowing UCC remodeling 2014.05
POSCO E&C Pohang 2Sintering rationalization 2014.05
POSCO ICT Pohang 2 Steelmaking Rationalization (Body Equipment) 2014.04 Micrex-NX
POSCO ICT STS 2steelmaking Add ECS Remote IO PANEL 2014.04 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT STS 2steelmaking Continuous casting Streamline slabs 2014.04 Siemens-S7
POSCO Shenyang Area Build a power saving system (2nd step) 2014.04 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Pohang Steelmaking Rationalization (package facility) 2014.04 Micrex-NX
SPCO Vietnam steel mill MCC PANEL Add 2014.04
POSCO CHEMTECH Lime firing AOS replacement 2014.03
POSCO ICT Pohang 7MB (blowing) newly installed DCS System 2014.03
POSCO ICT Blast furnace wind 7MB MOTOR 2014.03
SPCO Vietnam steel mill V.FEEDER PANEL 2014.02
POSCO Development, 1Sintering Install a power saving device 2014.02
POSCO ICT STS 2 steelmaking Rationalization of steelmaking facilities 2014.02 Siemens-S7
TAIIN SYSTEM Brazil CSP Educational PLC H/W 2014.01 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT STS 1st Stage Rolling Rationalization PLC Spare Part 2014.01
POSCO Gwangyang 1 Continuous casting 4M/C TCM facility 2013.12
DAE SHIN ENS SNG power UCC SYSTEM_ACS RIO PANEL newly established 2013.12
ETSYSTEMS 3 Steelmaking Modification of Substrate Transportation System 2013.11 Siemens-S7
POSCO 1 Steelmaking PS-BOP system remodeling 2013.11 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Steel Plant Simulation Equipment 2013.11 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Brazil CSP steel KR S/P and SV added 2013.11 Siemens-S7
SPCO Vietnam steelmaking education 2013.11 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Gwangyang) 2 Steel Fire service 2013.10 Siemens-S7
SungHyunENG Hyundai Steel3, Steel EIC commissioning service 2013.10 Siemens-S7
HIPOS STS 2 steel continuous casting rationalization (continuous casting facility) 2013.09 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT STS 4 steel continuous casting new PLC addition 2013.08 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Brazil CSP Raw material control system 2013.08
SINIL INTEC 2,3 steelmaking 1,2kr_slag cutting equipment 2013.06 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Indonesia Steelmaking Simulation and Training S/V 2013.06 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Brazilian CSP blowing 2013.06
POSCO ICT Brazil CSP blast furnace body control system 2013.05
GES POSCO Gwangyang Chemtech DCS work 2013.05 Siemens-S7
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY Lime calcination 3 OLM SYSTEM 2013.05
POSCO ICT Established Brazil CSP steel mill 2013.05 Siemens-S7
powoo engineering & construction 3 sintering PLC equipment replacement and remodeling 2013.05
POSCO ICT STS 4 steel continuous casting new DP cable purchase 2013.05 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT STS 4 steel slab continuous casting remodeling service 2013.05 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Pohang) STS 4 steelmaking induction furnace Equipment PLC SYSTEM 2013.03 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT STS 2APL S/B Rationalization PLC H/W 2013.03
POSCO ICT Pohang) 2APL Breaker PLC H/W 2013.02
GES Pohang) Lime LIME factory DB cleanup 2013.02
POSCO ICT Purchase STS 2APL rationalized PLC card 2013.01
POSCO ICT Indonesia Calcination control system 2012.12
POSCO ICT Indonesia Lime recycling equipment 2012.12
POSCO 3 sintering Beam Tropics 2012.12
SPCO Vietnam Steel mill control system 2012.11 Siemens-S7
POSCO 2 steelmaking 1KR FLUX input device improvement 2012.11 Micrex-IX
POSCO ICT POSCO special steel rolling ETI facility addition 2012.10
POSCO PLANTEC Sintering FGCS coolant circulation facility 2012.10
POSCO ICT Remediation of calcined TMS system 2012.09
Core Tech Indonesia air blower AF PLC H/W 2012.09
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY Hyundai Steel 3, Recycling facility PLC CONTROL SYSTEM 2012.08
STNG Indonesia Sintering PLC 2012.08
POSCO ICT STS4 steelmaking 3 converter system remodeling 2012.08 Siemens-S7
SHINWOO AOS-PC2000 2012.08
POSCO ICT STS 1 cold-rolled BAL facility HUB purchase 2012.07
POSCO ICT Pohang) STS4 steel slab Continuous casting PLC Panel 1 type 2012.07 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Indonesia steelworks Supply blast furnace and TRP facility to blast furnace DCS Module 1 type 2012.06
POSCO ICT Gwangyang) 4 hot rolling Steel body Pulse Input Module 7 kinds including 16EA 2012.06
SungHyunENG Hyundai Steel Kr operating room & level2
System New Operation room and computer system
2012.06 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT 3,4 sintering High voltage inverter DCS SYSTEM modification 2012.06
POSCO 2 sintering Surge Hopper Level Control 2012.05
Yeollin Automation Hyundai Coke PLC 2012.05
POSCO ICT Pohang STS 2 Continuous casting rationalization 2012.04 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT POSCO special steel rolled PLC modification 2012.03
POSCO ICT Indonesia Ventilation control system 1 2012.02
POSCO PLANTEC 3,4 sintering Establishment of oxygen blowing facility 2012.02
POSCO 1,2 sintering Beam Tropics 2012.02
KISUNG ENG 4 sintering Expansion of district heating steam water heating facilities 2012.01
POSCO ICT Addition of CBL old equipment H / W 2012.01 Siemens-S7
yuhanjeongmil Pohang 3 Steelmaking preheating Program 2012.01 Siemens-S7
Boseong ENG 2 steelmaking KR Slag cutting remodeling 2012.01 Micrex-IX
POSCO ICT 1st coke power supply renovation service 2011.12
POSCO ICT STS 4 Steelmaking Rationalization 2011.12 Siemens-S7
Boseong ENG Pohang) 2 steelmaking KR 2011.12 Micrex-IX
POSCO ICT Gwangyang) 1 Blowing TRP PANEL Addition R1 2011.11
POSCO ICT Supplied one type of PLC to Inni steel making 2011.11 Siemens-S7
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY Lime Calcination plant 3 facilities 2011.11
POSPRO 4 Sintering 3rd screen cleaning device 2011.11
POSCO 2 steelmaking Bottom blowing Improvement work 2011.11 Micrex-IX
Sewonjeongmil 3 Steel KR DOOR DEVICE PROGRAM 2011.10 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Coke CDQ Operation room improvement 2011.10
POSCO ICT Establishment of 5th coke mobile device 2011.09
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY Sintering equipment LEVEL-I SYSTEM 2011.09
HYUNDAI STEEL Additional construction of RCL MAIN PLC TRACE 2011.09
POSCO 4 sintering Improve QSS task 2011.08
POSCO E&C Allotherm converter (PS-BOP) development project supervision control system 2011.07 Siemens-S7
HYUNDAI STEEL Panel 2011.06
HYUNDAI STEEL Panel 2011.06
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY PSS1101 / Steel Bubbling System Improvement 2011.05 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT 1,3 Cold rolling (6 types including FIELD CONTROL STATION 1 SET) 2011.05
POSCO ICT POSCO special steel rolling additional PLC 2011.04 Siemens-S7
Hojin 3,4 Sintering Renewal of flue gas circulation equipment 2011.04
POSCO ICT 3 Steel KR S / W service addition 2011.04 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Add LICC CASTER PLC 2011.03 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Suncheon Hysco Factory Crane PLC PANEL 1 type 2011.03
POSCO ICT POSCO special steel rolling PLC PANEL 2011.01
POSCO E&C 4 Blast Furnace Secondary Renewed Hot Wind REMPTE SCANNER SYSTEM 2011.01
2006 ~ 2010
년도별 납품실적의 대한 정보를 제공
HanDong DATA 2 Steelmaking Remodeling of bogie crane system 2010.12 Micrex-IX
POSCO ICT 3 Steelmaking Add S/W 2010.12 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Sintering point detection DCS reconfiguration 2010.12
Gandtech Lime firing MPU UP-GRADE 1 2010.12
Gandtech Lime firing MPU UP-GRADE 2 2010.12
DaehanENG Gwangyang) 1,2 COKES factory BUNKER dust collector 2010.12
POSPRO 2 Sintering screen cleaning device 2010.12
POSCO ICT 2 Continuous casting 2MC Modification 2010.11 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Expanded STS poStrip rolling mill (PLC H / W) 2010.11
Sehua Soaking pit PLC H / W 2010.11
POSCO ICT 3 Steel PANEL & S/W addition 2010.10 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT 2 Sintering Add System Remodeling 2010.10
POSCO ICT POSCO 3 water jet door object 2010.09
POSCO ICT 2 Steelmaking DCS remodeling service 2010.09 Micrex-IX
POSCO ICT Gwangyang) 9MB additional 2010.09
POSCO ICT 2Continuous casting 2M/C Additional material 2010.09 Siemens-S7
POSCO PLANTEC Remodeling of lime 1,8,5 SK crushing screening system 2010.09
Dukheung Electric ACS / PLC program remodeling 2010.08
POSCO ICT LICC Pilot Caster Electrical Equipment (PLC Panel) 2010.08
POSCO ICT 2 Sintering System object 2010.08
POSCO ICT 2 Sintering System replacement network construction 2010.08
Gandtech Established lime dust collector 2010.08
Sungshincement PLC 2010.07
POSCO PLANTEC 3 Sintering Remodeling of facility system compatible with high-reflectivity 2010.07
POSCO ICT 3 Sintering pulverized coal input H/W, S/W 2010.07
POSCO ICT 3,4 Sintering W-EP Dust collector replacement (DCS H/W) 2010.07
POSCO PLANTEC Pohang) 2 steelmaking # 1 ~ 3 converter furnace iron input facility 2010.07 Micrex-IX
POSCO CHEMTECH Gwangyang) LIME B & F Dust PLC & HMI Program 2010.06
POSCO 1,2,3,4 Sintering ROD Mill Operation room Creation 2010.06
POSCO ICT COKES mobile device fire prevention system 2010.06
POSCO ICT 4 blast furnace AUTO For UCC complement 2010.06
POSCO ICT 2Continuous casting 2MC Additional material 2010.06 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT RIO control system with slab crack 2010.06
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY Automated remodeling of continuous casting equipment 2010.06 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT 3 Steel KR Converter PANEL 2010.05 Siemens-S7
DAE SHIN ENS Gwangyang) Lime calcination rationalization 2010.05
POSCO ICT 5 Sinter plant of Sintering UCC control system 1 2010.05
POSCO ICT Electric air blowing remodeling 2010.05
TAIIN SYSTEM 2 Steel Manufacturing 2RH-OB System H/W 2010.04 Siemens-S7
eNtoB 1 Sintering electrical maintenance material 2010.04
POSCO ICT 2 Blast furnace tuyere Temperature control PLC SYS ' 2010.04
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY Lime calcining facility of Dangjin factory 2010.04
SAMSHINSYSTEM 2Continuous casting 2M / C BODS System 2010.03 Siemens-S7
JNS SNG AX System Upgrade 2010.03
POSCO ICT 2Continuous casting 2M / C rationalization (PLC H/W) 2010.02 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT 2Continuous casting 2M / C rationalization (PLC PANEL) 2010.02 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Process control station 2010.02
POSCO Sinter plant Main AOS Additional Installation 2010.02
HEESUNG E&C Sintering additive equipment 2009.12
POSPRO 4 Blast Furnace Secondary Inverter System 1 2009.12
POSCO 1,2 Sintering blast furnace bin tripper operation program 2009.12
POSPRO 4 Blast furnace Secondary repair cranes Electric equipment Inv ' 2009.12
POSCO E&C 4 Blast Furnace Secondary Auto System 2009.12
dawonENG 1 Sintering PILOT dust collector control system 2009.11
POSCO ICT Electric steel plate # 1HCL EIC rationalization 2009.10
jisystem Hyundai Steel Sintering material added 2009.09
Factory system Pohang) Electric steel plate NO.1 HCL coating device 2009.09
POSCO ICT Deodorization equipment for low temperature plasma 2009.09
POSCO ICT 2Continuous casting 1M/C streamlining 2009.09 Siemens-S7
POSCO CHEMTECH Gwangyang) LIME Factory product dispensing control system improvement work 2009.09
POSCO ICT Electric steel plate # 1HCL PCS-7 SYS ' 2009.09
POSCO ICT 3 Steelmaking LDG Holder UCC 2009.09 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Gwangyang) 2Continuous casting Tundish crane Replacement of electrical equipment 2009.08
POSCO ICT Sinter Clean facility UCC S/W addition 2009.08
POSCO CHEMTECH Construction of calcination simulation equipment (PC) 2009.07
POSCO CHEMTECH Lime Calculation Simulation Equipment (MPU) 2009.07
POSCO E&C 2 Steelmaking NO.2 Turnover old equipment replacement business 2009.06 Micrex-IX
POSCO E&C Remodeling equipment ISO-2500 PROGRAM remodeling 2009.06 Micrex-IX
Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Add sintering 2009.05
POSCO ICT 4 Sintering Rationalization 2009.04
POSCO ICT 1,2 Sintering RDI reclamation 2009.04
SNG Crushing plant AX SYSTEM remodeling 2009.04
POSCO ICT 1 Sintering system object 2009.03
OP Improvement of KR steel impeller in steelmaking 1 2009.02 Micrex-IX
POSCO CHEMTECH Lime burner trend display material 2009.02
POSCO CHEMTECH Pohang) Replacement purchase of LME factory central cabin CRT (replacement of limestone firing HMI) 2008.12
POSCO ICT 3 Sinter plant of Sintering yard screen system 2008.12
POSCO ICT Gwangyang) 2 Blower starter 2008.12
POSCO Pohang) 2 Steel KR BB Project 2008.11 Micrex-IX
HYUNDAI STEEL Steelmaking chemical injection and sprinkling facility 2008.10 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Pohang) Electric blowing stream rationalization 2008.10
POSCO ICT 3,4 Sinter plant Chemical addition plant 2008.09
POSCO Complementation of sintering and aging equipment (control system) 2008.08
POSCO ICT Pohang) 3 Steelmaking system KR system 2008.07 Siemens-S7
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY Hyundai Steel Lime Calcination Plant VVVF hardware Unit 2008.06
POSCO E&C Gwangyang) 4 Blast Furnace 1st Order WEIGHING SYSTEM 2008.05 Micrex-IX
ISG Pohang) 2 Steel special alloy steel improvement 2008.05 Micrex-IX
POSCO ICT Pohang) POSCO 2 steelmaking furnace SLAG sedative 2008.04 Micrex-IX
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY Dangjin) Steel KR EIC 2008.04 Siemens-S7
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY Dangjin) Lime calcination 1st phase EIC 2008.04
HYUNDAI ROTEM COMPANY Dangjin) Lime calcination 2nd phase EIC 2008.04
Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Sintering facility of Hyundai Steel Dangjin factory 2008.03
myeongseong ESP Pohang) Lime firing # 2,3,6,7 S/K Combustion and cooling flow control 2008.03
POSCO PLANTEC Lime calcination 4R/K re-carbonation facility 2008.02
POSCO ICT Pohang) 2 Steelmaking by Tallin 2008.02 Micrex-AX
POSCO Pohang / Boiler / IDF Inverter System 2007.12 Micrex-AX 
POSCO Pohang / SMP #2 / Dephosphorizing Converter / Decarbonating 2007.12 Inverter & Software
Hyundai Steel Dangjin / SMP Converter System 2007.12 Micrex-AX
POSCO Pohang / Sintering #1, #2 / CFW Motor Drive 2007.11 Yasgawa PLC
POSCO Pohang / SMP #2 / Desulfurizing Control & SCADA 2007.11 Inverter & Motor
POSCO Pohang / SMP / Lime Powder 2007.10 Micrex-AX
POSCO High Blast Furnace #2, #3 / Water Granulated Slag System 2007.10 Micrex-AX
POSCO Gwangyang / 14 Oxygen / UCC Facility 2007.08 Micrex-AX
POSCO Pohang / FOG Holder / DCS S/W 2007.06 PLC Panel 
POSCO Pohang / SMP #1 / Replacing Ferro & Alloy 2007.06 Micrex-AX
Hyundai Hysco Dangjin / PGL Line Change 2007.06 ACS2000 + Intouch  
POSCO Gwangyang / Lime Calcination #3 / Revamping Crusher 2007.06 Micrex-AX
POSCO Pohang / Finex Holder / Parallel Control System 2007.05 Micrex-AX
POSCO Gwangyang / Nickel Refinery / Utility S/W 2007.03 Micrex-AX
POSCO Gwangyang / UCC / Exhaust Air Cleaning Unit 2007.01 Micrex-IX 
POSCO Gwangyang / BFG Holder / Replacement of Control System 2006.11 Micrex-AX
POSCO Gwangyang / M/B #1 / SM-Exciter Panel 2006.11 M/B Starting HV Panel
POSCO Gwangyang / HRM #1 / Facility for both of COG & BNG 2006.09 Micrex-AX
POSCO Pohang / Wire Rod of Sintering / Replacement of Control System 2006.07 Micrex-AX
POSCO Pohang / SMP #2 OG / SCADA 2006.06 Micrex-IX  
POSCO Pohang / SMP #2 OG / Revamping SCADA 2006.05 Micrex-IX  
POSCO Pohang / SMP #2 / Process Guide for Dephosphorizing Converter 2006.05 Micrex-IX  
POSCO Pohang / Sintering / Revamping Grain Refining System for Upper 2006.03 Micrex-AX 
POSCO Gwangyang / HRM #3 / UCC 2006.03 Micrex-AX 
POSCO Pohang / 345KV Substation & Electric Power System 2006.01 Micrex-AX 
2003 ~ 2005
년도별 납품실적의 대한 정보를 제공
POSCO Pohang / Pig Iron & Steel, Plate Mill / Revamping MIX Gas Station 2005.11 Micrex-IX
POSCO Gwangyang / COG Booster DCS 2005.10 Focus-P, Panel
POSCO Pohang / Lime Calcination / Additional Factory for Finex 2005.08 Micrex-AX
POSCO Pohang / Sintering #3 / Rationalization with DCS 2005.07 Micrex-AX
POSCO Pohang / SMP #2 / Dephosphorizing Converter 2005.05 Micrex-AX
POSCO Pohang / Power / Revamping O2 Control System 2005.05 Micrex-AX
POSCO Pohang / Finex (Eastsea) / New Substation 2005.05 Micrex-AX
POSCO Gwangyang / LNG Terminal for UCC 2005.05 Micrex-AX
POSCO Gwangyang / Water Distributing Reservoir #3 2005.04 Micrex-AX 
POSCO Gwangyang / Lime Calcination #1, #2 / Integration of Control 2005.03 Micrex-AX
POSCO Pohang / HRM #2 / Water Treatment 2005.03 PLC, Panel
POSCO Pohang / SMP #2 / Replacement of Sublance System 2004.12 Micrex-AX, Panel
POSCO Pohang / SMP #1 / Replacement of Sublance System/p> 2004.10 Micrex-AX
POSCO Pohang / Wire Rod Starter 2004.08 Micrex-AX
POSCO Pohang / Main Sinter Car 2004.05 PLC, Inverter
POSCO Pohang / Mass Spectrometer 2004.03 Micrex-IX
POSCO Pohang / SMP #2 / Relocating and Installing Hot Metal 2004.02 Micrex-IX
POSCO Hyeongsan Power Plant #11 in Pohang / System Replacement 2004.02 Micrex-AX , Panel
POSCO Gwangyang / M/B #2 / System Rationalization 2004.02 Micrex-AX , Panel
POSCO Gwangyang / Lime Calcination / Crusher 2003.12 Micrex-AX 
POSCO Pohang / SMP #2 OG / Relocating and Installing Water Treatment 2003.12 Micrex-IX 
POSCO Pohang / SMP #2 / Desulfurizing Hot Metal 2003.12 Micrex-AX 
POSCO Pohang / Iron-making / Substation Rationalization 2003.11 Micrex-IX 
POSCO Pohang / Quality Control 2003.10 PLC(FPU120S), P-III
POSCO Pohang / Sintering / Cleaning Screen 2003.10 HMI, P-III