Delivery performance

2016 ~ Now
년도별 납품실적의 대한 정보를 제공
SNNC Control system operation program Outsourcing work 2018.03 Siemens-PCS7
HYOLIM INDUSTRY Gwangyang ) PoxLX CO lithium carbonate process PANEL others purchase 2018.01 Siemens-S7
LS-NIKKO COPPER Precious metal SX PLC program change 2017.12 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Precious metal DCS Tag registration 2017.12 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Slime input facility program change ( Weiher facility automation ) 2017.12 Micrex-AX
POSCO ICT PoxLH Lithium hydroxide service at Gwangyang POSCO 2017.12 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT PoxLX C0 1 Process Service at Gwangyang POSCO
2017.12 Siemens-S7
LS-NIKKO COPPER Improvement of furnace Raw material input line 2017.10 Micrex-AX
SNNC Moisture Analyzer Programming 2017.09 Siemens-PCS7
SNNC EP Dust Electric furnace direct injection High density pneumatic Conveyor HMI 2017.09 Siemens-PCS7
LS-NIKKO COPPER Replacement of smelter factory PLC 2017.08 Micrex-AX
SNNC Coal Mill facility rationalization control system construction 2017.03 Siemens-PCS7
LS-NIKKO COPPER RIO PANEL FOR ENGINEERING and Hydraulic system 1SET 2017.03 Micrex-AX
SNNC Reclaimer Operation room HMI improvement 2017.02 Siemens-PCS7
SNNC Equipment control system outsourcing repair work 2017.01 Siemens-PCS7
LSIS Co., Ltd Chile precious metal DCS commissioning SV addition 2016.11 AB
LS-NIKKO COPPER DCS Tag and Graphic Modifications 2016.10 Micrex-AX
Planta Recuperadora de Metales Chilean precious metal factory data acquisition program added (U $ 35,420) 2016.10 AB
SNNC Replacement of PC for 1st plant operation 2016.06 Siemens-PCS7
LS-NIKKO COPPER Ag Powder DCS Modification 2016.05 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Smelting 2 Pneumatic Device DCS Modification 2016.04 Micrex-AX
2011 ~ 2014
년도별 납품실적의 대한 정보를 제공
LS-NIKKO COPPER Electrolytic refining 1 Addition of VALVE plant for Liquid plant and modification of precious metal valve AUTO operation DCS 2015.09 Micrex-AX
POSCO ICT Gwangyang SNNC power saving PLC S / W service 1SET 2015.07 Siemens-PCS7
LSIS Co., Ltd Established Chile precious metal factory 2015.07 AB
HwanSeong I&E DCS & PLC S/W Programming 2015.07 Micrex-AX
SNNC Purchase and install the HMI system in the Pellet shelter 2015.06 Siemens-PCS7
LS-NIKKO COPPER Electrolytic refining 1 Thickener & Natural anodic slime 2015.04 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Smelting 2 Plant C-WBH DCS Modification 2015.02 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Loading Area Differential Pressure Monitoring ( PSA5 I / F communication modification ) 2015.02 Micrex-AX
SNNC 2 electric furnace flood facilities HMI expansion ( HMI for flood operation of second stage ) 2015.01 Siemens-PCS7
DAIN E&I LS-Nikko E-SCRAP pretreatment facility ( calcining furnace ) 2014.10 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Ag Powder Factory 2.5um System Remodeling 2014.08 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER PB impurity removal device (rare metal) 2014.05 Micrex-AX
HEESUNG METAL Chile electrolytic input facility 2014.04 AB
LS-NIKKO COPPER Expansion of 80,000 tons of Electrolytic refining 1 plant 2014.03 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER 20tons Boiler Improvement 2013.10 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Establish rare (TE-SE, PB) metal plant 2013.08 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Electrolytic refining 2013.08 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Installation of optical converter at smelting 2 plant 2013.07 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Established 28 tons BACKUP boiler facility 2013.06 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Smelting 2 Factory FUGITIVE Desulfurization Facility 2013.05 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Purchase AOS-PC2000 for 34ton boiler 2013.05 Micrex-AX
POSCO ICT Gwangyang ) SNG Power UCC System S / W service 1SET 2013.05 Micrex-AX
DAIAH INDUSTRY SNNC COG burner equipment 2013.04 Siemens-PCS7
LS-NIKKO COPPER Expansion of precious metal silver powder ( Ag ) facilities 2013.03 Micrex-AX
SNNC PCS7 control system improvement work 2013.03 Siemens-PCS7
LS-NIKKO COPPER Improve communication with LS Nikko Electronics furnace PLC 2013.02 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER LS Nikko Copper smelting CL electrode transformer program remodeling 2013.02 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Smelting 2 Rapping & Booster Fan DCS Improvement 2013.02 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Extension of sulfuric acid 2 plant and separation of NETWORK 2013.01 Micrex-AX
SNNC Purchase of 2 stage capacity control system 2012.12 Micrex-NX
SHINHWA TECH Installation of coolant injection equipment for Nikko Copper smelting 1 Plant 2012.09 Micrex-AX
MINSUNG LS-NIKKO tug gas remodeling 2012.06 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Manufacture of AOS panel for smelting 1 casting room 2012.06 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Electrolytic refining 1 Expansion of Te-Cement 2012.05 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER ADD Smelting 1 Thickener DCS MONITOR 2012.05 Micrex-AX
SNNC PCS7 Server Emergency Recovery Task 2012.04 Micrex-NX
SUNWOO LS-Nikko Back-Up Boiler DCS Programming Revision 2012.03 Micrex-AX
SUNWOO LS-Nikko Copper Electrolytic refining 1 Factory 2012.03 Micrex-AX
SNNC Complementing electric furnace control system 2012.02 Micrex-NX
SNNC Electric furnace HMI server redundancy 2012.02 Micrex-NX
AIR POWER KOREA Onsan ) Renovation of Nikko Copper DCS Program 2012.02 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER Precious metal DCS H / W supply and S / W PROGRAMMING 2011.10 Micrex-AX
SNNC Control system supplement work 2011.09 Micrex-NX
POSCO ICT Replacement of SHAFT System at Poongsan Ulsan Plant 2011.09 Siemens-S7
LS-NIKKO COPPER Smelting 1 Improvement of electric arc boiling gas treatment 2011.06 Micrex-AX
2005 ~ 2010
년도별 납품실적의 대한 정보를 제공
SAMSUNG EVERLAND LS-Nikko waste heat recovery DCS 2010.11 Micrex-AX
POSCO ICT Closed Manganese for UCC 2010.11 Micrex-AX
SNNC CONTROL SYSTEM LPC in the field 2010.07 Micrex-NX
SNNC CONTROL SYSTEM Supplement 2010.07 Micrex-NX
J&S INFORMATION SYSTEMS Restore SNG DCS data 2009.12 Micrex-AX
Fuji SNNC HDD disk repair 2009.03 Micrex-AX
LS-NIKKO COPPER 2 Factory DCS Replacement 2008.11 Micrex-AX
Americas STC No. 3 System Upgrade Construction 2008.10 Micrex-SX
ENT KOREA Smelting Control, sulfuric acid HRS and converter WHB part 2008.02 Micrex-AX
LS-Nikko Copper Additional PSA Factory 2007.09 DCS, Package
LS-Nikko Copper Factory #1 / DCS Replacement 2007.08 Micrex-AX
LS-Nikko Copper Revamping Utility Facility 2007.08 Micrex-AX
POSCO Gwangyang / Nickel Refinery / Utility S/W 2007.02 Siemens PCS-7
LS-Nikko Copper Electrolytic Refinery / Additional DCS Station 2007.01 Micrex-AX
Sungshin Cement Danyang Factory #2 / System Up-grade 2005.08 Micrex-AX