Delivery performance

2016 ~ Now
년도별 납품실적의 대한 정보를 제공
SK E&C 6th fuel cell per minute 2018.02 Siemens-PCS7
POSCO E&C Gwangju SRF Supervision and Control System Complementary Corporation 2018.02 Siemens-PCS7
TECHWIN SYSTEM Purchase fuel cell 4th generation power plant per minute ( Purchase PLC System and Instrument ) 2017.11 Siemens-PCS7
DEASUN E&C Added Shin Boryung fuel cell 2017.10 Siemens-PCS7
BYUCKSAN ENGINEERING Ilsan fuel cell 4 stage power plant purchase _ instrument construction 2017.09 Siemens-S7
KIWEST Fuel cell 1 stage operation interior monitoring facility installation work 2017.09 Siemens-S7
KEWP Ulsan Fuel Cell AS 2017.08 Siemens-S7
SAMCHULLY ES Gwangmyung Fuel cell power plant, purchase and installation work ( purchase PLC system and instrument ) 2017.07 Siemens-S7
DEASUN E&C Added Shin Boryung fuel cell 2017.07 Siemens-PCS7
DEASUN E&C Shin Boryeong Fuel Cell 2017.05 Siemens-PCS7
HANSHIN ENGINERRING No-eul Fuel cell site Water vapor reduction Alternative facility PLC modification work 2017.02 Siemens-PCS7
POSCO E&C Addition of surveillance control equipment for flammable waste fuel business in Gwangju 2017.02 Siemens-PCS7
SAMCHULLY ES Siheung baegod FUEL CELL ( Purchased PLC SYSTEM and Instrument ) 2017.01
BYUCKSAN ENGINEERING Pocheon private power generation fuel cell power generation facility construction work 2016.12 Siemens-S7
KEWP HMI system integration work for 1st ~ 3rd stage auxiliary equipment of fuel cell 2016.10 Siemens-S7
YU SEONG PLC electric work for ASR energy conversion business 2016.10 Siemens-S7
UONE C&E Installation of PLC PANEL among Fuel Cell Power Generation Project 2016.09 Siemens-S7
ASIA HOLDINGS No-eul Fuel Cell 20MW Power Plant Construction Project 2016.05 Siemens-S7
ILJIN POWER Ilsan Fuel Cell 3 Phase OWS UPGRADE 2016.05 Siemens-S7
DASAN ENG SRF2 extended plant temperature sensor repair 2016.03 Siemens-PCS7
2011 ~ 2015
년도별 납품실적의 대한 정보를 제공
POSCO E&C Gwangju Metropolitan City Flammable Waste Fuelization Project Monitoring and Control Facility 2015.12 Siemens-PCS7
POSCO ENERGY Supply and installation of MPC BL3 PLC & Instruments 2015.07 Siemens-S7
GWANG JU CITY HALL Gwangju City Environment Basic Facilities Technology Diagnosis Supplement 2014.12 Siemens-PCS7
KEWP Fuel cell calorimeter replacement 2014.10
D2 ENGINEERING Gwangmyeong Fuel Power Generation Facilities 2014.09 Siemens-S7
UONE C&E Samcheok gas station 300KW Fuel cell electric equipment purchase 2014.05 Siemens-S7
POSCO ENERGY Establishment of Seoincheon Fuel Cell Power Generation Facility 2014.03 Siemens-S7
POSCO ENG Siemens PLC material 2013.08 Siemens-S7
SAM IL DATA SYSTEM Siemens PLC material 2013.07 Siemens-S7
POSCO ENERGY Supply and installation of PLC & HMI for Ulsan first fuel cell 2013.05 Siemens-S7
POSCO ENERGY Supply and installation of the three-stage calorimeter in Iseon-Ilsan 2013.05 Siemens-S7
Union Development Samchonri ES Gyeonggi Green Energy Fuel Cell Construction Project 2013.05 Siemens-S7
CTK Andong Combined Cycle Power Plant Cooling Tower Electric Control System 2013.02 Siemens-S7
UONE C&E Ilsan Fuel Cell 3 Phase PLC & Instrumentation Delivery Installation 2013.02 Siemens-S7
BYUCKSAN ENGINEERING Demonstration project of natural gas pressure power plant 2012.12 Siemens-S7
POSCO E&C Establishment of integrated operation system standardization plan for the 30 tools of the Nakdong River revitalization project control and instrumentation construction 2012.08 Glofa
POSCO ICT Busan RDF high voltage inverter BY-PASS PANEL 2012.04 Siemens-PCS7
POSCO POWER MPC Yulchon Fuel Cell Power Generation 2011.08 Siemens-PCS7
LEEGENCO Supplied POSCO E & C's Nakdong River Gumi Bo computer 2011.08 Glofa
POSCO ICT Busan municipal solid waste fuel conversion inverter 2011.06 Siemens-PCS7
POSCO E&C Construction of the Nakdong River Revitalization Project, Section 30, Alarm Station, Fish Inflow Cutting Facility Installation 2011.04 Glofa
DOOSAN HEAVY INDUSTRIES PLC for MCFC control logic verification 2011.04 Siemens-S7
HYUNDAI ROTEM Gimhae ) Modification and improvement of the DCS program in the operation room 2011.04 Siemens-S7
POSCO E&C Saving the Nakdong River (Gumi District) 2011.01 Glofa
2008 ~ 2010
년도별 납품실적의 대한 정보를 제공
APEC Sancheong Pumped Water 2010.07 Glofa
AID Ilsan Complex - New Renewable Energy PLC Link 2010.03 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT East-West Power Generation ) Fuel Cell Control System 2009.03 Siemens-S7
POSCO E&C Bugok Fuel Cell Power Plant Construction DCS 2008.09 Siemens-S7
POSCO E&C Meiya Yulchon Fuel Cell Power Plant Construction DCS 2008.09 Siemens-PCS7
POSCO E&C Pohang Fuel Cell Power Plant Construction DCS 2008.05 Micrex-SX