Delivery performance

2016 ~ Now
년도별 납품실적의 대한 정보를 제공
POSCO Hyungsan No. 11 Power plant boiler control system Tuning 2018.03 Micrex-AX
KHNP Cheongpyeong Hydro DCS, OWS inspection and repair 2018.03 Siemens-PCS7
WOOJIN ELECTRO-NITE INC. Hyeongsan POWER PLANT Construction of waterpipe monitoring system 2018.03 Micrex-AX
POSCO ICT Pohang) Improve boiler efficiency considering power generation NOx generation OPC System SW retrofit 2017.12 Micrex-AX
POSCO ICT Central power plant process control performance optimization system remodeling 2017.12 Micrex-AX
KOSPO Installation and program improvement service of Andong cooling tower OWS 2017.11 Siemens-S7
KHNP Cheongpyeong Hydropower Monitoring System Reinforcement 2017.06 Siemens-PCS7
HYUNDAI ROTEM Hyundai Engineering supplied JIMAH EAST POWER coal handling facility automation system simulation 2017.03 AB
POSCO ICT POHANG Hyeongsan POWER PLANT Purchase water quality analysis DCS SYSTEM 2017.01 Micrex-AX
POSCO ICT POHANG Hyeongsan POWER PLANT Control performance Smart Platform Gateway development service 2017.01 Micrex-AX
BHI Replacement of aging facilities of Pohang 3,4 POWER PLANT 2016.11
HYUNDAI ROTEM Hyundai Engineering JIMAH EAST POWER Coal handling facility Local switch box supply 2016.11 AB
I&CS Hyeongsan POWER PLANT NO.12 Boiler Control System Remodeling 2016.09 Micrex-AX
HYUNDAI ROTEM Taiwan Tarin explosion-proof LOCAL BOX added 2016.07
HYUNDAI ROTEM Taiwan Talin Coal Handling Equipment Maintenance Power Panel 2016.04 AB
HYUNDAI ROTEM Hyundai Engineering supplies JIMAH EAST POWER coal handling facility automation system 2016.03 AB
Voith Fuji Cheongpyeong OVERHAUL SV 2016.01 Siemens-PCS7
HYUNDAI ROTEM Taiwan Talin Coal handling facility Disconnector Switch Box supply 2016.01 AB
2011 ~ 2015
년도별 납품실적의 대한 정보를 제공
RIST No. 9 boiler DCS GATEWAY system 2015.12 Micrex-AX
RIST NO.9 Boiler Optimal Combustion Control Automation DCS Modification 2015.10 Micrex-AX
POSCO E&C Peru ChilcaUno Combined Cycle Renovation Project 2015.06 Siemens-S7
GS E&C Andong CCPP inverter panel MSF installation 2015.06 Siemens-S7
Voith Fuji SV for GOESAN Unit1 2015.04 Siemens-S7
KT SYSTEM Supplementation of SNCR facility at Pohang power plant 2015.04 Micrex-AX
KHNP Checking of Goesan hydro DCS facility 2015.03 Siemens-PCS7
Voith Fuji Cheongpyeong 3 dam SV 2015.01 Siemens-PCS7
POSCO Hyeongsan POWER PLANT # 11 Boiler DCS Object 2014.12 Micrex-AX
POSCO ICT Indonesia Add HMI to the plant 2014.10 Siemens-S7
KHNP Cheongpyeong No.4 DCS, OIS maintenance 2014.07 Siemens-PCS7
Hitachi Hydroelectricity Field Suprevisor 2014.03 Siemens-S7
VFH Cheongpyeong 3 dam control system _SV 2014.02 Siemens-PCS7
KOREA B&TEC Supply and installation of the auxiliary boiler 1set of Shin Boryeong Unit 1 and 2, electrical equipment, commissioning work 2014.02 AB
POSCO E&C SNG production plant business using POSCO coal 2013.12 Siemens-S7
Voith Fuji Cheongpyeong 3 dam added 2013.09 Siemens-PCS7
CTK Andong natural gas gas cooling system construction 2013.08 Siemens-S7
POSCO ICT Replacement of Pohang Power plant Control System 2013.07 Micrex-AX
POSCO ICT # 12 power plant Power Saving Device DCS Modification 2013.01 Micrex-AX
Voith Fuji Goesan Hydropower SV and additional contrac 2012.10 Siemens-PCS7
FASTECH Install SNCR for power plant 2012.03 Micrex-AX
KHNP Cheongpyeong 4 dam SV 2012.02 Siemens-PCS7
KHNP / FVH Cheongpyeong 4 dam SV 2012.01 Siemens-PCS7
KHNP / FVH Cheongpyeong 4 dam added 2012.01 Siemens-PCS7
POSCO ICT Pohang 1,2 POWER PLANT DCS SYSTEM object 2011.11 Micrex-AX
POSCO ICT Installed SCR for LNG combined power plant NOx reduction 2011.08 Micrex-AX
Voith Fuji training for DCS SYSTEM 2011.08 Siemens-PCS7
FASTECH Replace power generation air compressor ( DCS System retrofit ) 2011.05 Micrex-AX
2006 ~ 2010
년도별 납품실적의 대한 정보를 제공
Voith Fuji Cheongpyeong 3 Dam & Goesan 2010.12 Siemens-PCS7
Voith Fuji Cheongpyeong 4 dam 2010.08 Siemens-PCS7
NT SYSTEMS 3.4 POWER PLANT Renewal of Denitrification System DCS 2010.06 Micrex-AX
HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES Manhole Pump Station, Chungju District 1 2009.10 Glofa
Seon-In M&E 3 Power generation electric room high and low pressure panel 2009.08
Voith Fuji Hydro K.K Cheongpyeong 4 dam control system 2008.10 Siemens-PCS7
PANGAEA21 Upstream integrated management system of dam 1 zone dam in Chungju 2008.09 Glofa
K-WATER Yongdang Dam A / S 2009.08 Siemens-PCS7
POSCO Gwangyang / 14 Oxygen / UCC Facility 2007.08 Micrex-AX
Kimhae City Hall Jangyu / Incinerator / Combined Heat & Power Plant System 2007.04 ICS2000 + Intouch
POSCO Gwangyang / HRM #3 / UCC 2006.03 Micrex-AX
POSCO Pohang / 345KV Substation & Electric Power System 2006.01 Micrex-AX
2003 ~ 2005
년도별 납품실적의 대한 정보를 제공
POSCO Pohang / Finex (Eastsea) / New Substation 2005.05 Micrex-AX  
POSCO Hyeongsan Power Plant #11 in Pohang / System Replacement 2004.02 Micrex-AX , Panel 
POSCO Pohang / Iron-making / Substation Rationalization 2003.11 Micrex-IX