Water Treatment

Water Treatment introduction

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The environment field is the field that processes and manages all water resources such as water treatment for making water and water resources, domestic and wastewater treatment for domestic sewage and industrial wastewater purification. There are dust collecting facilities and clean facilities that can cope with various pollutants generated at industrial sites, and incinerator fields that use heating of domestic industrial wastes such as paper, wood, plastic, food garbage and sludge.

FASCO is equipped with advanced water treatment system, water treatment optimal control system, distributed process control system, remote monitoring control system, etc., and it is suitable for advanced and wide area such as wide water service business, ozone treatment facility and advanced water treatment using biological activated carbon And solutions. In addition to countermeasures to cope with ever-increasing water demand, as well as heavy water treatment for source treatment from sources, we provide monitoring and control facilities for sewage and wastewater. FASCO provides all solutions such as design and construction, equipment manufacturing and testing, application S/W, trial operation, training, A/S.