Aircraft Fueling Facility

Aircraft Fueling Facility introduction

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Aircraft fueling facility is the facility to supply jet fuel through underground pipes from the jet fuel storage tanks to the aircraft apron. The facility is always supplying jet fuel to aircraft while maintaining a constant pressure even during frequent demand fluctuations by using a pressure pump and inverter. At airports where the number of aprons is large and the amount of jet oil supplied is large, it mainly use the hydraulic filling method. This method has been evaluated in the most appropriate way for the massification and acceleration of the fueling. In addition, it is excellent in the quality control of the jet fuel and the security on the apron.
FASCO has reliable hardware and software solutions to build a continuous 24 hour airport fueling system. In addition, based on know-how accumulated through the construction of a number of airport fueling systems and leak detection system, FASCO also provide optimized solutions for new overseas airport construction projects.