Delivery performance

2016 ~ Now
년도별 납품실적의 대한 정보를 제공
MOONWHA G&ENCO Gimhae Airport aviation oil storage construction / machinery construction / leak system material delivery and installation 2017.12 Siemens-S7
BYUCKSAN ENGINEERING Design for ESD Speaker ( Horn Signal ) 2017.11
KONICS Mongolia Airport Refueling System Instrument S/V 2017.11
SE JIN ENC STEP 3 2nd cargo mooring area facility construction ( oil pipeline installation work ) 2017.08 Siemens-S7
YONG IN ENVIRONMENT TECNNOLGY Co., Ltd. Purchase of Oil Refinery Facility 2017.07
BARTEC SEC Yuldo Aviation Oil Storage Base/Interlock Drawing 2017.05 Glofa
KOVIC Jeju Airport refueling facility 2016.12 Siemens-S7
KUMHO E&C 3-1 P-203 Modification work for load interlocking 2016.11 Siemens-S7
Chongsol EMI Incheon International Airport refueling facility control facility 2016.11 Siemens-S7
ASIANA AIRPORT 3-step DCS SYSTEM 2016.10 Siemens-S7
KUK JAE SYSTEM Jeju Airport cargo oil storage monitoring facility purchase installation 2016.09 Siemens-S7
BYUCKSAN ENGINEERING Mongolia International Airport Refueling Facility Construction EP_Remote Control Unit 2016.02 Siemens-PCS7
ULSAN BYUNAYOUNG YONASACHON Co., Ltd. Incheon Airport refueling facility 1st stage 2016.01 Siemens-S7
2011 ~ 2015
년도별 납품실적의 대한 정보를 제공
BYUCKSAN ENGINEERING NUBIA FUEL SUPPLY STSTEM ( Establishment of Mongolian airport refueling facility ) 2015.12 Siemens-PCS7
Geum-Usa Lightning maintenance at Incheon Airport refueling facility 2015.10
Hangil Communications Replacement Project for Refueling Tank Gaging Equipment 2015.08
ASIANA AIRPORT Purchase of the equipment for delivery of the third stage air supply pipeline construction 2015.08 Siemens-S7
KUMHO E&C Incheon Airport refueling line 2015.01 Siemens-S7
KOVIC Yuldo oil carrier stockpile improvement work 2014.02 Glofa
INCHEON AIRPORT Corporation. Back-Up DCS communication equipment replacement work for refueling facility 2013.10 Siemens-S7
LSIS Incheon International Airport Refueling Facility Step 3-1 2012.09 Siemens-S7
KINGSENGINEERING Daegu Airport) Improvement of refueling facilities 2012.09
KAHU ENC Incheon Oil Station, S-Oil Co., Ltd. Supplementation of online shipping automation system 2012.04
2006 ~ 2010
년도별 납품실적의 대한 정보를 제공
DAELIM Industrial Jeju Airport refueling facility 2009.12 Siemens-S7
ATS Gimhae Airport Control System 2009.09 Siemens-S7
KAC Gumho E&C / Muan International Airport / Aircraft Fueling Facility 2007.10 Micrex-SX + Intouch
IIAC Hanjin Heavy I&C / Incheon International Airport / Fueling Facility / High Voltage Inverter 2006.06 PLC, Panel
IIAC Hanjin Heavy I&C / Incheon International Airport / MOV Sys. of 2006.02 PLC, S/W
2004 ~ 2005
년도별 납품실적의 대한 정보를 제공
IIAC Hanjin Heavy I&C / Incheon International Airport 2004.11 Micrex-AX, PLC, Instrument